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Jianru T. a noté sur Google

Petit restaurant authentique de la cuisine chinoise profonde, toujours impeccable je vais régulièrement avec mon mari depuis plusieurs années, je recommande (Translated by Google) Small authentic restaurant of deep Chinese cuisine, always impeccable I have been going regularly with my husband for several years, I recommend

il y a 2 mois
朱珍珍珍 a noté sur Google

(Translated by Google) It’s been a few years. Every time I come to Paris, I have to taste Wenzhou delicacies to fill my taste. Don’t treat myself badly. Next time I will bring a few friends to eat. (Original) 累计有几年了,每次上來巴黎都要去品尝温州美食,以饱口福,也别亏待了自己,下次我一定带上几位朋友大快朵颐,

il y a 2 mois
Maxime Z. a noté sur Google

Un restaurant très chaleureux et avec un accueil remarquable. La nourriture était également à notre attente. Je vous le recommande ! (Translated by Google) A very warm restaurant with a remarkable welcome. The food was also as expected. I recommend it !

il y a 2 mois
viviane z. a noté sur Google

Très bon nourriture et l'accueil était très sympa (Translated by Google) Very good food and the welcome was very friendly

il y a 2 mois
jinda x. a noté sur Google

(Translated by Google) It’s so delicious, it’s the authentic flavor of Wenzhou, China. I will definitely go there again when I have time in a few days. (Original) 太好吃了,是地地道道的中国温州地方特色的风味,过几天一有空,一定会再去品尝美味,

il y a 2 mois
王舜 a noté sur Google

(Translated by Google) It is one of the most legendary Chinese restaurants in Paris! His firmness to respect the most traditional Chinese cuisine in the Wenzhou region (Zhejiang province), influenced a generation of Chinese immigrants in Paris !!!!! Always to consider👍👍👍👍 (Original) Es uno de los restaurantes chinos más legendarias en Paris! Su firmeza de respetar lo más tradicional de la cocina china región Wenzhou (provincia Zhejiang), se influenció a una generación de los emigrantes Chinos en Paris!!!!! Siempre a considerar👍👍👍👍

il y a 2 mois
Ruohe Z. a noté sur Google

(Translated by Google) Every time I go to Paris, I have to check in. The dishes are very good to my taste. The problem is that my kids like it very much, and the service is very enthusiastic, praise 👍 (Original) 我每次去巴黎必须打卡之店,菜品极合我口味,问题是我家孩子也很喜欢,服务也很热情,赞👍

il y a 2 mois
蒋丰宇 a noté sur Google

(Translated by Google) Every time I visit Paris, the food in this store makes me feel the taste of my hometown and deep memories. (Original) 每次游玩巴黎时,这家店的美食让我感觉到家乡的味道和浓浓的回忆。

il y a 2 mois
Noé L. a noté sur Google

Nourriture toujours aussi excellente, accueil chaleureux et un rapport qualité-prix imbattable. Je conseille les brioches au porc et les aubergines! (Translated by Google) Always excellent food, warm welcome and unbeatable value for money. I recommend the pork brioches and the eggplants!

il y a 2 mois
junhe s. a noté sur Google

Nourriture très délicieuse, très bonne et ça vaut le coup (Translated by Google) Very delicious food, very good and worth it

il y a 2 mois



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